IFS & Rear Suspension Coil Pressing System

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Discover Next-Level Efficiency with Our IFS & Rear Suspension Coil Pressing System Solution

Elevate your suspension maintenance game with our IFS & Rear Suspension Coil Pressing System. Designed to simplify and streamline your suspension work, this system is a game-changer for auto mechanics and enthusiasts alike.


Benefits :

  • Effortless Laden Condition Pressing: Our innovative fixture press not only securely holds the front and rear suspensions but also simulates the laden condition. This unique feature ensures that you can tighten all LCA joints with precision, promoting the utmost safety and performance.
  • Versatility Simplified: Say goodbye to multiple fixtures for different vehicle variants. Our single fixture is engineered to accommodate a wide range of variants, making it incredibly versatile and cost-effective for your workshop.
  • Proven Performance: Trusted by leading automakers like M&M and Force Motors, our IFS & Rear Suspension Coil Pressing System has been installed in 17 systems for IFS and 04 systems for Rear Suspension Compression at their facilities. This is a testament to its reliability and efficiency in real-world applications.
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